You can.


In case of serious illness in your family, we find the best solution for you and we organise complex treatment logistics.


One phone call and we start working for you, thanks to that you gain more time for yourself


Our goal is to heal our patients instead of keeping treating them. We want to get to know the reason, not the result –to treat successfully.


We guarantee to do our best to heal you.

Procedures and Surgeries

The best specialists, the most effective treatments and respected medical facilities.
We are with you throughout your entire journey to being cured.

Medical Diagnstic Tests

Better safe than sorry. Take care of your safety and physical well-being at the highest level with our professional healthcare.

Dentistry and Prosthetics

A smile opens many doors. Take good care of it with the best experts, innovative medical supplies and innovative treatment methods.

Aesthetic Medicine

Improve your well-being and comfort of your life thanks to aesthetic medicine. Respected facilities and specialists, taking care of the best effect and your safety at the same time, are waiting for you.


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What is
S7 Medical concierge?

Imagine, what would happen if you had a serious health issue.
What should you do?
Who should you talk to?
Where should you go to be diagnosed?
What treatment to choose?
And first of all, where to find help?

So far, you have been at the mercy of the incompetent NFZ (Polish National Health Service). You’d experienced endless lines, extremely long waiting time for an appointment, low customer service standards, and poor quality of treatment.

Now you have a choice. You have S7Concierge.
Our responsibility is to find the best solution for you and your health, tailored to your possibilities. We’ve connected what’s the best in conventional, natural, and modern medicine to give you the best opportunities to be fully healed. If you have a health problem, just call us. We will find at least one solution and present our proposal.

The sky is the limit for us. We are looking for the best treatment both in Poland and worldwide. Wherever you are – you’re under our protection.

What makes us different??

Through close cooperation with leading medical experts and holistic medicine experts, S7Concierge provides access to priority medical consultations. Our work begins with accepting your application and after analysis, we can look for the best solution, and organise complex treatment logistics. Of course, we are with you throughout your entire journey.

We are not a medical facility, thanks to that many limitations are of no concern to us. We search for the best doctors and specialists from all over the world, not only for those who cooperate with our medical facility, to provide the services for you.

Please note that we are not an emergency service and our care team can’t provide you with medical advice. Medical treatment and advice can only be provided by your medical specialist following our referral. In case of emergency in Poland call 112. We will help you after first-aid treatment.

Kornel Dybul
The CEO of Invest Secure

Perfect service. Great customer service and patient care.

My father was diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer in September 2017. We contacted with S7Concierge and 1-2 weeks later my father was after laparoscopic tumor removal. Then, S7Concierge specialists proposed methods of metastases removal abroad. We decided to start treatment in Germany, at the same time we started an alternative, holistic treatment as well.

Conventional and alternative medicine combination gave the perfect outcome. Six months after we initiated this treatment, my father had no cancer! We’re after examination. Right now we must do medical examinations every 3-4 months, but so far we can say everything worked out. I must add, my father didn’t accept any chemotherapy treatment.

I’d like to thank the entire S7Concierge team, I can see they work wholeheartedly and there is nothing more important to them than their patients. Thank you for your help!

Dorota Konieczna

I’d like to recommend S7Concierge services.

After 4 years of many failed treatments, a lot of time spent on searching for experts and hospitals, I got S7Concierge number. It was Olaf who accepted my application, he was really nice and involved in our conversation.

Thanks to that I could tell a detailed story about my struggles.

Naszym zadaniem jest znalezienie najlepszego rozwiązania dla Ciebie i Twojego zdrowia, dopasowanego do Twoich możliwości. Połączyliśmy to co najlepsze z medycyny konwencjonalnej, naturalnej i nowoczesnej, aby dać Ci pełnię możliwości bycia zdrowym. Jeżeli masz problem zdrowotny wystarczy, że do nas zadzwonisz. Znajdziemy co najmniej jedno rozwiązanie i przedstawimy Ci naszą propozycję.

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