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Our goal is your well-being

More than private healthcare!

S7Concierge is at a level higher than private healthcare – it works all over the world and it provides access to the best medical experts in a short period of time.

Wherever you are – you’re under our protection. You don’t have to worry anymore what to do in case of a serious health issue. You have a choice between conventional and alternative medicine.
Don’t worry about queues, we have a solution for that – Fast Track.

You’re protected more than ever and you can be healthy as never before.
We are committed to the highest standards of patient care – we work fast, professionally, and reliably.
What counts for us is your comfort and our speed.
All you need is one phone call and you can benefit from professional treatment with the best specialists from all around the world.

From now on, we support you on your journey to full health.
You let us know what health problem you are struggling with, and we deal with the entire treatment process.

Uncompromising comfort, unquestionable quality, 100% care – that’s how S7Concierge works!


You gain access to the best experts in their medical fields.


We give you the opportunity to look after yourself even before the signs of illness appear.


From the first phone call, we get involved in providing you with optimal treatment logistics.


This is enough for us to start acting – do not wait in queues and do not compromise.


Restrictions on access to the treatment all over the world no longer exist – just let us know you’re interested.


Wherever you are – benefit from professional treatment and be healthy.


The article in “Kapitał Polski“,
entitled “There Are No Incurable Diseases“


The article in “Zdrowie Bez Leków“,
entitled “Effective Diagnosis“


We have re-created the health service.

We would like to offer you an advanced healthcare

We have noticed that many people are unable to deal with serious diseases so we asked ourselves: what can we do to improve the treatment process?
Can we help seriously ill people get better?

We found a solution!
We have re-created the health care service.

As a result, our clients can be effectively treated, instead of being sick. We use the latest achievements in conventional and natural medicine. We offer treatment tailored to clients’ capabilities. We organize the entire treatment process and lead patients to cure.

We do not guarantee anyone that we will cure him 100 percent – we do not have that power.
But, we promise that we will do our best to help the client achieve health.

Daniel Kubach
The CEO of S7Concierge Sp. z o. o.

The treatment has never been so easy and effective!

We believe that with the right diagnosis and effective treatment, everything is possible. We combined natural, conventional and modern medicine for the best results and so that you could benefit from the full achievements of science, tradition and nature.

Just imagine having access to the best specialists with a single phone call. Thanks to S7Concierge it’s possible! Uncompromising convenience of services.

There are thousands of outstanding specialists in the world.
Everyone is at your disposal.
With Medical Concierge VIP, subscription, there are no limits for you.

Now, S7Concierge is with you!

Naszym zadaniem jest znalezienie najlepszego rozwiązania dla Ciebie i Twojego zdrowia, dopasowanego do Twoich możliwości. Połączyliśmy to co najlepsze z medycyny konwencjonalnej, naturalnej i nowoczesnej, aby dać Ci pełnię możliwości bycia zdrowym. Jeżeli masz problem zdrowotny wystarczy, że do nas zadzwonisz. Znajdziemy co najmniej jedno rozwiązanie i przedstawimy Ci naszą propozycję.

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